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Shintai Disciplines

  • Blood Shintai: As the alchemist practices nei tan, so the practitioner of the Blood Shintai learns to focus Chi through the humors of the undead frame.
  • Bone Shintai: Focusing the body as a receptacle for death energies.
  • Jade Shintai: Polarizing the body to act as "soul stuff" for the focusing of Chi.
  • Flesh Shintai: The restless Yang gifts of the penangallan.
  • Flame Shintai: Conjuring the shade-time flame of the spirit-world.

Chi Disciplines

  • Equilibrium: Maintaining harmonious balance between Yin and Yang, Hun and, P'o.
  • Yang Prana: Attuning the body to its inner Yang.
  • Yin Prana: Attuning the body to its inner Yin.
  • Tapestry: Manipulating ambient Chi in the environment.

Soul Disciplines

  • Cultivation: The P'o must be understood and assimilated.
  • Chi'iu Muh: The true secrets of the third eye.
  • Internalize: Focusing the will for mighty feats and cunning insight.
  • Obligation: The strongest soul prevails and triumphs.

Demon Arts

  • Black Wind: Fearsome speed and savagery granted by the Demon.
  • Demon Shintai: Allowing the P'o to possess one's body and turn it into a demon.