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Mask Empathy (Presence 7)

Like Mind Numb, Mask Empathy removes emotions instead of creating them. However, where Mind Numb is a bludgeon, Mask Empathy is a scalpel, delicately cutting away at the ties between people. Essentially, it removes the links between people in the character's vicinity by cutting off emotional bonds. Lovers stop loving, friends care nothing for one another and alliances fade like fog. People begin to behave like completely autonomous units, without any perception of or desire for community.


The character must make a Manipulation + Subterfuge roll (difficulty 8); the number of successes determines the number of individuals potentially affected (see the chart below). Other vampires may resist the effect of this power by rolling Willpower (difficulty 8). If a target obtains more successes than the user received, that target is not affected.

1 success one person
2 successes three people
3 successes six people
4 successes 12 people
5 successes 20 people

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