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Vampires endowed with this Discipline possess preternatural strength. Potence enables vampires to leap tremendous distances, lift massive weights and strike opponents with terrifying force. Even the lowest ranks of this power gift the Kindred with physical might beyond mortal bounds. More powerful immortals have been known to leap so far they seem to be flying, toss cars aside like tin cans, and punch through concrete as if it were cardboard. While the mental Disciplines are awe-inspiring, Potence's brute effectiveness is formidable in its own right.

The following clans and bloodlines possess Potence as an in-clan Discipline: Blood Brothers, Brujah, Gargoyles, Giovanni, Inconnus, Lasombra, Nosferatu, True Brujah.

Official Abilities

There are no individual powers for Potence until level 6. At that point characters may choose to gain additional automatic successes to Strength or choose a unique power.

**House Rule:** Potence is not automatic. Like Fortitude it simply adds extra damage dice to your roll. Fortitude automatically removes these dice before they are ever rolled at one-dot-to-one-dot ratio (one dot of Fortitude removes one Potence damage die). These dice are always lethal damage, regardless of what kind of damage is being dealt.

Advanced Powers


Master of the Forge

Relentless Pursuit

The Fist of Caine

The Gentle Rebuke


Fist of the Titans

The Forger's Hammer


Lend the Supernatural Vigor

Touch of Pain

Might of the Heroes

History and mythology are full of heroes and gods capable of astounding feats of strength, such as Hercules, Thor, Atlas and Samson. Cainites often believe themselves on par with the heroes and demigods of legend. With this power, a vampire is able to perform some incredible acts of pure physical power.


Might of the Heroes grant a number of abilities that are always in effect. First, the character’s unarmed attacks strike with such force that they inflict lethal damage and the character has no risk of injuring himself from striking hard objects (so a Cainite with this power and no Fortitude can smash his fist into solid rock repeatedly and not even skin his knuckles). In effect, the character is able to destroy just about anything given enough time. This also means that the character is immune to powers that injure him when he strikes his opponent, such as the Fortitude power Armor of Kings.

Second, the muscles of the character’s legs can absorb the shock of a fall of any length — as long as the character lands on his feet, he takes no damage (generally, a roll of Dexterity + Athletics, difficulty 4, is enough to ensure such a landing).

Third, the difficulty of a Feat of Strength is reduced to 6, making it even easier for the character to lift immensely heavy objects, and the increased Strength lasts for an entire scene, though it applies only to lifting and throwing. Still, this allows the character to use tree trunks as clubs (these generally inflict Strength +6 Bashing and are so large that they cannot be dodged and can strike more than one opponent at a time) and toss boulders like a catapult.

In addition to this, the character can actually strike so hard that the force of the blow travels through the air, hitting a target yards away. In order to do this, the player spends a point of blood and makes a normal attack roll for a punch or kick. The target cannot dodge unless she knows what the character is attempting — for example, if he’s just seen the character using this ability on another — and even then, the dodge difficulty is 9. The punch or kick inflicts normal damage for the character (Strength lethal for a punch, Strength +1 lethal for a kick), but loses one die of damage for each yard beyond the first that it has to travel.

Plot Device

In the Gehenna supplement, this is the power for all level 10 Disciplines. Basically, it does whatever the Antediluvian in question needs to do with the Discipline in question.

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